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About Maskew Miller Longman

Our vision is to be the leading source of quality and innovative learning materials in all the areas in which we are represented.

Maskew Miller Longman publishes a variety of teacher support material, including quality textbooks, in compliance with the South African Curriculum for the Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase and Further Education Training (FET) Phase.

Our textbooks, readers and literature are child-friendly and visually stimulating and we provide extensive and co-ordinated teacher support: our qualified teacher trainers offer free product training to the nine provincial Departments of Education in South Africa. 

Maskew Miller Longman has over 100 years of publishing experience in South Africa. As partners to government in the educational arena, we develop local materials for local needs. We tap into global expertise: whether it be in education, technology or customer services, we benefit from being part of Pearson, which is the largest educational publisher in the world and which produces the best and most up-to-date learning material available. We publish learning and teaching material in all of South Africa's official languages. We hold research and development as fundamental to the operation of our company. These activities are exemplified not only in our books, but also in our sales and marketing strategies and information systems. Our highly skilled and motivated staff and our focus on meeting customers' needs ensures that we have the products you want. We commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality. Many of our titles have been tried and tested in schools to ensure that they meet teachers' and learner's needs.

Maskew Miller Longman is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pearson Southern Africa (PSA).

PSA also owns the following companies:

Maskew Miller Longman’s new BEE partner committed to quality education

Maskew Miller Longman is proud to announce its black economic empowerment (BEE) partnership with Mamphela Ramphele, Peotona Publishing Investments and the Maskew Miller Longman Foundation.

We are fortunate to have found BEE partners that shared our passion and commitment to education – broad based partners who have worked in education development in some of our poorest communities and who are able to actively engage and participate in the SA Schools business.

We selected women partners, based on the great role that women have played and continue to play in African development, often in the face of great disadvantage.

Our new BEE partners are:

Mamphela Ramphele

Pioneering doctor and activist in the Eastern Cape, first woman Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town and Managing Director of the World Bank, Dr Ramphele is now Chair of Gold Fields and Founder of Letsema Circle, a social enterprise involved in transformation through a “Walk Together” approach that challenges citizens to transform their lives and their country.

“I am excited to participate in Pearson as a key player in providing essential education support in materials to enhance the quality of education. Nothing matters more in securing South Africa’s future than promoting education quality for every child in our society!”

Through Peotona Publishing Investments (Pty) Limited

  • Cheryl Carolus
  • Dolly Mogkatle
  • Wendy Lucas-Bull and
  • Thandi Orleyn

This powerful group of women is making a major impact in South Africa by using mainstream business opportunities to leverage sustainable opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged communities. They focus on supporting transformation sustainably in areas of key focus.

“Peotona is excited to be part of an enterprise whose key focus is on improving knowledge and education in South Africa. The relationship with Pearson aligns this imperative with our passion for delivering meaningful interventions for change.”

The Pearson Marang Education Trust

Through research, engagement and development at the coalface of education, the school and the classroom, the Pearson Marang Trust has focused on best practice as an approach to improving the quality of teaching, learning and school management. The Trust brings deep knowledge of school improvement and performance into this dynamic partnership.