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MML's CAPS Survival Guides

NEW!! Survival Guide to the Senior Phase CAPS - This information is based on the August 2012 CAPS documents.

Survival Guide to the Intermediate Phase CAPS - This information is based on the December 2011 CAPS documents.

REVISED!! Survival Guide to the FET CAPS - This handy pocket guide filled with useful information, including programme of assessments for each subject, exam guidelines and an overview of the main topic changes.

Survival Guide to the Foundation Phase CAPS - You will find for each of the Foundation Phase subjects an overview and valuable teaching information.

What you need to know about CAPS

What are the timeframes for implementation?

2012 – implement Grades 1-3 and Grade 10
2013 – implement Grades 4-6 and Grade 11
2014 – implement Grades 7-9 and Grade 12

What are the main changes?
The terminology Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards has gone. Numeracy Gr R-3 is now Mathematics Gr R-3.

The CAPS give week by week planning for teachers to follow.

Changes in subject offerings:
From 2012 Intermediate Phase will see these changes: EMS will fall away; Technology will be combined with Natural Sciences; Arts and Culture will be combined with Life Orientation.

Content changes:
The content to be covered has changed very little for some subjects and for other subjects it has changed substantially.

The National Curriculum

To find out more about the South African National curriculum click here.